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Guilty Gear Strive Arcade Mode Will Have Branching Stories

Guilty Gear Strive tutorial mission

Arc System Works has published new screenshots that showcase some of the game modes in Guilty Gear Strive that can be played offline. The modes revealed here are Tutorial, Arcade, Mission, Survival, and Training.

The coverage begins with Tutorial Mode, where newcomers can learn the game’s basic controls while watching Sol Badguy and Ky Kiske’s interactions. The mode will even provide specific advice by analyzing the player’s inputs.

Arcade Mode, the bread-and-butter of fighting games, allows you to choose a character and fight several opponents in succession while following through their personal story. Guilty Gear Strive will add a story branching system determined by the player’s performances. The branches will not only alter story dialogues as they may also offer unique battles, such as 2-vs-1 fights and powerful boss battles.

Mission Mode will be another good place to familiarize yourself with the game’s mechanics. The missions in this mode will put you in situations that encourage you to utilize a specific battle system. It will also offer guidance on matchups against certain characters that appear in Guilty Gear Strive.

The Survival Mode also makes its return in Strive. It will challenge you to beat as many opponents as possible with a limited health pool.

The last couple of screenshots are dedicated to the Training Mode, where you will be able to freely set parameters like character positions that let you practice your own combo attacks.

Guilty Gear Strive will be released for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC on April 9, 2021. Those who purchased the Ultimate Edition will be able to play it earlier, on April 6, 2021. Arc System Works recently revealed Anji Mito as a new returning character who was not present in the Xrd series.

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