Here’s a Closer Look at Granblue Fantasy’s Caundhula

Granblue Fantasy Caundhula

The Granblue Fantasy art team shared detailed information about the new Ox Zodiac Caundhula, who will soon debut the game. She’s also a member of the Twelve Divine Generals.

Cygames first revealed Caundhula at Granblue Fantasy Fes 2020 earlier in December 2020. The Granblue Fantasy art team later shared a closer look at Caundhula’s design and costume on Twitter:

Caundhula was born on a farm. She also comes with a small cow named “Moo-chan” and a Gearcycle called “Milk-chan.” She apparently joined the the crew for certain reasons.

Granblue Fantasy Caundhula

The game’s current banner is a Flash Gala that debuted the new Grand Sandalphon. It will be available until 11:59am JST on December 31, 2020. Caundhula will make her debut in the following banner in January 2021.

There are also a few other promotions going on in the game to celebrate the new year. These extra affairs include free daily gacha roulette spins that give up to 200 free gacha rolls. On January 5, 2021, all players will receive 200 gacha rolls to wrap up the promotion’s last day.

The “Robomi: The Greatest Fight in History – God Gigantes VS. Zooey, Arbitrator of the Skies” event is also available to play until January 7, 2021.

Granblue Fantasy is available to play on PCs, Android devices, and iOS devices.

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