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Jade Barroth Brings His Ugly Mug To Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate


The Barroth has a sub-species in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, too—the Jade Barroth. Capcom recently shared a profile along with screenshots of him. Check it out below.


Official name: Jade Barroth

Type: Brute Wyvern

So maybe the Qurupeco wasn’t a big problem for you… but the Barroth was sure to be a challenge to a lot of people as it plowed through the muddy areas of the Sandy Plains, charging really fast at its targets. It definitely caught me by surprise the first time I fought it.


Now the subspecies Jade Barroth is here to torment you in the Tundra environment! So, on top of having to keep track of its unique plowing charge patterns, you will also have to focus on staying warm. By the time you reach this quest, you should know very well to always carry Hot Drinks when hunting in the Tundra, or equip yourself with an armor set that keeps you warm.


Also, keep in mind that the Jade Barroth can use its forehead to plow through the snow and even toss huge snowballs in your direction. And since it is usually covered in snow, it will often times try to shake some of it on you and get you snowed in. This will limit your mobility and prevent you from using any items. The only exception to this is the item that cleans the snow off of you: a Cleanser.


Again, this shouldn’t be news to you if you’re a proficient Barroth hunter, but the combination of these with the introduction of new charging patterns makes this an interesting fight. And one more thing: there are Baggis in the Tundra… and they can put you to sleep, which is quite a disadvantage!


Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate will be released on March 19th in North America and March 22nd in Europe.


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