PlayStation 4

Kandagawa Jet Girls Goes Full Speed Ahead with a Prologue Movie


Marvelous shared a new prologue movie trailer for their upcoming action jet racer game, Kandagawa Jet Girls, featuring its twelve main girls.

In addition to characters from the anime, the game features original characters. Furthermore, it features a story and courses unique to the game. The duos featured in the trailer are the following:

  • Rin Namiki & Misa Aoi
  • Kaguya Shijyuin & Manpuku Kuromaru
  • Pan Ziyu & Pan Dina
  • Jennifer Peach & Emily Orange
  • Manatsu Shiraishi & Yuzu Midorikawa
  • Fuka Tamaki & Inori Misuda

Kandagawa Jet Girls releases for PlayStation 4 in Japan on January 16, 2020. You can also check out more gameplay featuring Sengan Kagura guests Yumi and Asuka here and here. Read more about the upcoming DLC from the Senran Kagura Character Pass in our previous report.

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