Kingdom Hearts III Glasses Case Features Series Motifs

Kingdom Hearts III Glasses Case

Square Enix will release a Kingdom Hearts III glasses case in June 2022. The glasses case will feature several major motifs found throughout the Kingdom Hearts series. These include the Kingdom Key and Heartless symbols. The Kingdom Hearts III glasses case will cost 3,850 yen ($33) and is immediately available to pre-order. [Thanks, Gamer!]

The case itself is available to be folded and flattened down. This will make the case easy to carry. Additionally, the case is made out of synthetic leather. Other motifs that appear on the case include the Organization 13 logo, the symbol of the Unversed, and the Lucky Emblem design. Each of these symbols appear not only on the front of the case, but down the back.

You can take a look at the Kingdom Hearts III glasses case below.

Square Enix has announced more than a handful of merchandise leading up to the 20th anniversary of the Kingdom Hearts series. This has included a line of Kingdom Hearts suitcases. Additionally, the Tokyo Disneyland Resort has Kingdom Hearts-themed rooms available to rent. These rooms will be available until April 27, 2022. Not only do the rooms feature motifs from the Kingdom Hearts series, but consumers will be given a special room key. The room keys are shaped like various keyblades found in Kingdom Hearts.

This new glasses case is scheduled to release on June 25, 2022.

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