Lego NES Teased, Lets You Build a System and TV

vjgamer lego nes lego nintendo

The Lego Nintendo collaboration will continue! But it won’t just involve the Lego Super Mario sets that will begin showing up in August 2020. An actual Lego NES (with TV) has been both teased by the company and leaked by VJ Gamer and Stone Wars.

First, here’s the official tease. It certainly seems like people could be playing with power soon.

As for the leak, VJ Gamer showed off some images of the box and its contents. Should someone purchase the 2,646 piece set, they’ll be able to build a replica of an NES, an NES controller, a Super Mario Bros. NES cartridge, and an antenna TV with Mario on it. The TV itself will have a crank, which will allow you to make a the “level” onscreen scroll. People will be able to move the “Mario” to have him avoid obstacles.

The VJ Gamer images also showed it as being Lego Mario compatible. People will apparently be able to put Mario on top of the TV to make it play different sounds from the game.

Stone Wars also had alleged price and release date information. It claims it will launch on August 1, 2020 and cost €229.99 (~$260).

The Lego NES is apparently eventually on the way. The Lego Super Mario sets will arrive on August 1, 2020.

Jenni Lada
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