Live A Live Stream Teased Future Game Plans

Live A Live stream

On October 3, 2020, key staff encouraged fans during an anniversary Live A Live stream regarding a potential game release in the future. Square Enix held the livestream to celebrate the 26th anniversary of the Super Famicom title. During the last portion of the show, the creators responded to a question from a non-Japanese fan regarding the possibility of a western Live A Live release.

Live A Live is a turn-based JRPG from Square Enix (Square) that follows seven distinct scenarios across different time periods. The program was hosted by Square Enix’s Takashi Tokita, who also directed the game back in 1994. Joining him was composer Yoko Shimomura, game designer and battle director Nobuyuki Inoue, pixel artist Kazuyuki Kurashima and online personality Penguins Nobuo.

During a brief question and answer portion near the end of the Live A Live stream, a non-Japanese fan by the username “Android” asked the creators if Live A Live will finally come to the west.

Tokita and the others responded by lamenting that there’s never been a sequel, remaster, or remake to the original game. However, all thanks to fans’ support, they held a 25th-anniversary concert last year, the game saw its first re-release via the New Nintendo 3DS virtual console in Japan, and they held the livestream today. With this in mind, something new is likely to happen in the future with fans’ continued support.

As of late, Square Enix fileD trademarks in Australia, Europe, and the US for Live A Live. All signs point to the likelihood of a new release sometime in the future.

We should also mention that there has been some misinformation online with the mention of an Android port for Live A Live. This is incorrect, however, as the fan who asked the question about future plans was named “Android”. Unfortunately, no projects have been confirmed yet.

Square Enix’s Live A Live released on Super Famicom back in 1994 and has never seen an official release outside of Japan.

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