Live Action Mega Man Movie in Development at Netflix

live action mega man

Joining other retro franchises such as Yu Yu Hakusho and the recent Cowboy Bebop, it seems that Mega Man will soon appear as a live action Netflix movie. There is no official confirmation, though the production company Supermarché has put out a statement that outright states the movie’s existence. [Thanks, Rockman Corner!]

Netflix did not include the live action Mega Man adaptation in its upcoming 2022 slot. However, according to a statement from Supermarché, the production company is working on a Mega Man adaptation for Chernin Entertainment and Netflix. In the same announcement, Supermarché reveals that it is also working on adaptations of Nemesis and The Monkey Wrench Gang. A family adventure comedy called Runaway is also in the works. Other features from Supermarché’s filmography include Paranormal Activity 3, Paranormal Activity 4, and Opus Jazz.

Recently, Netflix announced numerous live action versions of classic anime franchises. The first season of the Cowboy Bebop adaptation is readily available. It revealed the One Piece cast in November 2021. It also revealed plans to adapt Yu Yu Hakusho. The Yu Yu Hakusho live action series will come out in December 2023, though the cast is still unknown.

The live action Netflix Mega Man adaptation is in development. If you’d rather experience Mega Man in its original format, though? Mega Man X DiVE is immediately available on mobile devices.

Stephanie Liu
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