Lost in Blue washing ashore on Wii?


lib1.jpg Man, Gamefly never stops being a useful source of information, does it? According to their site, Konami is bringing the handheld "survive on a deserted island" series Lost in Blue to the Wii sometime later this year (the date is set at August right now, but that's always subject to change). It's not surprising that Konami would opt to bring the series to the Wii, really. In fact it makes perfect sense. The Lost in Blue series is known for it's minigame-like tasks such as cutting wood, fishing, and cooking food, so the series would really be right at home on the Wii. Imagine using the Wii Remote to cut down trees, catch fish, and hunt for wild animals. Of course, as always with things like this, it shouldn't be taken as 100% confirmation until we hear something official from Konami, but with Gamefly's track record I wouldn't doubt that Lost in Blue Wii is real.