As we reported on Thursday, Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon was the top-selling new release in Japan last week. The game sold 280,151 copies.


Japanese sales tracker Media-Create have updated with their weekly report and mention that Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon sold through 84.79% of its shipment.


Additionally, Media-Create also confirmed our suspicions that the holiday effect was responsible for revitalized sales across the board last week.


In addition to several notable new releases during the week, a national holiday last Wednesday and the effect of the Spring break is causing an increase in the number of consumers in stores. As a result of this, sales figures saw a boost, and were especially notable in the case of consistent sellers like the Mario series.


Something else of interest that occurred last week was that the regular Nintendo 3DS saw higher growth than the 3DS XL, which is something you don’t see very often nowadays. The reason for this was that Nintendo released two new colours for the regular 3DS model—Gloss Pink and Light Blue.



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