Brady Games have begun selling their digital Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate guide on their website (it costs $15), and have also shared a message from the guide’s author, who provides a brief introduction as to what’s in it. Here’s what he says:


Hey all you Monster Hunter Fans, I’m Logan Sharp, the lead author on the Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Official Strategy E-Guide from BradyGames, and I wanted to talk about how we created a book for a massive game like Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.


I’ve been a big Monster Hunter fan since the PlayStation 2, and I wanted to create a guide that not only covered the basics, but also had everything I desired at my fingertips. Of course, that meant the book far exceeded our original page count target—the final guide ended up being over 500 pages!


As a base, we used the massive Monster Hunter 3G Official Guide Book from the Japanese publisher Enterbrain, which covers pretty much every bit of data in the game.


My first goal was to take that enormous tome and pare it down into its most essential parts, including the weapon list, armor list, and map data, along with the drop rates for every gathering spot in the game. It wasn’t enough to just get a list of all the armor in the game either—everything from the Japanese guide was translated and presented in ours!


This guide is suitable for hardcore players, but also new players. I included the most critical information in our Basics chapter. If you’re new to the series, be sure to check it out! All of the other info you would want to know about features in town has been preserved—you’ll find full lists for the bonuses granted by the Canteen’s Felyne chefs, what items you can get from the Fishmongress’ Hunting Fleet, and success rates in the Farm! Pretty much all the essential data regarding some of the more random Monster Hunter features has been carried over from the Japanese guide for your benefit.


Making this guide digital-only creates several advantages over a normal, paper guide. One useful feature is the ability to search the entire document for important information. If you don’t know where you can find Fucium Ore, just search for it in the guide!


Working on this guide was a great honor for me, and I hope fellow Hunters enjoy using it as much as I did creating it! See you online!


Brady’s Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate guide includes the following information:


  • MONSTERS: All monsters, large and small, are covered in detail—including Damage Chart, Habitat, Size, Anger Effects, Tolerances, Part Durability, Breakable Parts, Carves, Rewards, Tears, and more.


  • WEAPONS: Our complete list features elemental attributes, how they’re created, as well as each weapon’s attack, strengths, and weaknesses.


  • ARMOR: Details and data for all armor—including rare, end game sets that are not covered in the Japanese guide.

  • MAPS: Gathering list and call-outs to important items in all 12 Zones for all difficulties.


  • QUEST LIST: Goals, prerequisites, locations, rank, and special notes for every quest in the game.

  • PLUS: Breakdown of all skills, Canteen menus, and Shakalaka abilities; plus comprehensive Hunting Basics and tons of other data!


Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is available for the 3DS and Wii U now. Players that pre-ordered the game from GameStop in the U.S. received the Brady Games digital guide for free.


Ishaan Sahdev
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