Monster Hunter Movie Release Date Apparently Pushed Into 2021

monster hunter movie release date

A not entirely unexpected development has come up regarding the Monster Hunter movie’s release date. In a year filled with COVID-19 pandemic related delays, it seems the film will be another consequence. Deadline has reported a delay that will push it into a whole new year. Apparently, it will now appear in theaters on April 23, 2021. Deadline suggested one part of the reason, in addition to the pandemic and theaters potentially closing again, is that A Quiet Place 2 also would share that same release date.

As far as video game movies go, the Monster Hunter movie has had a rather smooth production process. Filming began on schedule back in September 2018. We regularly saw pictures from the set, trailers, and posters. It managed to stick to its original September 4, 2020 release date up until the pandemic hit, and it seemed like that goal was realistic. And, up until recently, we were seeing regular teases of star Milla Jovovich doing things like wearing a familiar Monster Hunter World Slinger and explaining why her in-game character uses Dual Blades as a primary weapon.

The new Monster Hunter movie release date is apparently April 23, 2021. The film looks at what happens when Jovovich and her soldiers end up in another world willed with the iconic monsters and must fight to survive.

Jenni Lada
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