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Monster Hunter Portable 3rd’s Beasts Strike Back In Monster Hunter 3G


Capcom recently released a trailer showing off some of the monsters making their way from Monster Hunter Portable 3rd to Monster Hunter 3G. Now, we have another look at some of these in the form of new screenshots. But first, let’s start with the new white Lagiacrus sub-species:


Lagiacrus Sub-species:

Lagiacrus was Monster Hunter Tri’s mascot. The white Lagiacrus spends more time on land and is much more mobile on the land than the original Lagiacrus as well.




Jinouga returns from Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, being the mascot monster of that game. Note that, while this is the same Jinouga from Portable 3rd, there’s also a separate Jinouga sub-species in 3G.



Aoashira will return from Monster Hunter Portable 3rd as well. He’s known for his love for honey, and for catching by river banks. Aoashira can get up on his hind legs and swipe at you with his sharp claws.



mh3g_urcusis_01 mh3g_urcusis_03

Also from Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, Urcusis slides on his belly across icy surfaces. He has excellent hearing and can also attack by flinging ice at you as we recall.



Rangurotora has an extremely long tongue, which it uses like a frog. It’s also capable of spitting a paralyzing fluid. Rangurotora can also curl up into a ball and move around quickly that way (you probably don’t want to be in the way when it does that).



Doboruberuku attacks with its large hammer-like tail.




Nargacuga is the mascot of Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, and is also referred to as a “Lightning-fast dragon”. Like Doboruberuku, Nargacuga can attack with its tail.




Also making its return from Monster Hunter Portable 3rd is Dosufurogi. Its trademark feature is the inflated sac around its neck that contains poison. This poison can be released in gaseous form. Dosufurogi usually lead packs of regular Furogi.



Happurubokka can glide through the sand, and also submerge themselves in it to hide. They tend to pop up and use their giant jaws to grab and munch on their prey.

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