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More Kuro no Kiseki Characters Will Return in Crimson Sin


Nihon Falcom has published new Kuro no Kiseki II – Crimson Sin screenshots that show many characters appearing in the latest RPG entry. A majority of the characters shown will return from the prequel, but the company also included a couple of new characters in the mix.

The new character information screenshots include Aaron Wei, Feri Al-Fayed, Quatre Salision, Risette Twinings, and Judith Ranster. These five characters were part of the main cast of the first Kuro no Kiseki.

Falcom also shared screenshots that confirm the combat appearances of Aaron, Feri, Risette, and Judith. The latter’s screenshot shows that Judith will fight with her other identity as the phantom thief Grimcats. Out of the eight main party members from the first game, only the veteran martial artist Bergard Zeman has yet to appear in Crimson Sin as of this writing.

The screenshots also revealed more returning characters that will be playable in Crimson Sin. Besides Renne Bright and Shizuna Rem Misurugi, the Central Intelligence Department René Kincaid and Feri’s elder brother Kasim Al-Fayed will also be available as playable characters.

Several side characters from the first Kuro no Kiseki will also return, such as Quatre’s caretaker Professor Latoya Hamilton and Judith’s rival actress Nina Fenly. Nihon Falcom also introduced a couple of new characters that did not appear in the first game’s list. Mirabel Aalton is Risette’s co-worker who will contact Van Arkride as a service concierge from Marduk Total Security Company. Dominique Ranster is Judith’s grandmother who is also known as a former singer and the original Grimcats.

The Legend of Heroes: Kuro no Kiseki II – Crimson Sin will be available for PlayStation 5 and 4 in Japan on September 29, 2022.

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