My Hero Academia season 5 streaming release date

My Hero Academia Season 5 Coming to Toonami Next Month

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My Hero Academia season 5 will air on Toonami starting May 8, 2021. Fans in North American will soon be able to watch Class 1-A fight against Class 1-B on Cartoon Network. The latest season of the Shonen anime series began streaming on Funimation on April 10, 2021. [Thanks, Funimation!]

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Fans will have another method to watch the hit Shonen anime when it returns to Cartoon Network’s late-night TV programming block. The fifth season of My Hero Academia already started streaming on Funimation in both subbed and dubbed formats. Considering the delay, those who watch on Toonami won’t be the most up-to-date. However, viewers can enjoy catching episodes and diving deeper into details they missed. The latest season involves the League of Villains being investigated, in addition to the mystery surrounding One For All.

The My Hero Academia season 5 promotional trailer shows the rival classes duking it out along with a suspenseful stinger at the end.

My Hero Academia continues its surge of popularity across multiple media formats. Toho Animation is in production on a third feature film titled My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission. Additionally, Prime 1 Studio is creating a $1900 figure for fans with heroically deep pockets.

My Hero Academia season 5 will debut on Cartoon Network’s animation programming block, Toonami, on May 8, 2021.

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