New Hololive En Council Merchandise Includes Acrylic Stands

The Hololive En Council group has been around for six months, and cover is celebrating with new merchandise of the Vtubers.

There’s new Hololive Vtuber merchandise on the way, and this time the stars are the Council members. Cover announced its Hololive Council Half-Year Celebration line. Pre-orders are open now, ahead of their late-July to late-August 2022 debut. The items will consist of acrylic stands of each Vtuber, a set of five pins with their mascots, and a towel with the mascot art. In the case of the mascots, Speaker of Space Sana Tsukomo drew the art.

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Each of the acrylic stands features a Hololive Council member in her normal outfit. The base also has a design inspired by the character. These are ¥2,000/$17 each. As for the pin set and towel, those will cost ¥5,000/$41 each. They feature Boros, Friend, Mr. Squeaks, Nemu, and Yatagarasu.

The Hololive Council first appeared back in August 2021. The group consists of Baelz Hakos, Fauna Ceres, Kronii Ouro, Mumei Nanashi, and Sana Tsukomo. Each one is based on a certain concept. So, for example, Fauna is the Keeper of Nature and Kronii is the Warden of Time.

This is also the second recent major announcement for the group. Back in January 2022, the characters got their kimonos. However, no Hololive Council merchandise of the Vtubers in those outfits was released.

The Hololive En Council Half-Year Celebration merchandise can be pre-ordered until March 28, 2022. It is expected to ship between the end of July and end of August 2022.

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