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New info regarding next Kingdom Hearts




It’s been a while since Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix + was released as well as the extended secret ending to the game which, as totally expected, spurred up intense interest in the events seen in the extended ending which possibly alluded to a new Kingdom Hearts game. It wasn’t until Nomura himself debunked such speculation by saying there won’t be a Kingdom Hearts III; if anything, there’ll be projects, or a set of new series, that take place in the Kingdom Hearts universe, much like the offshoot Final Fantasy XIII games taking place in the game’s main universe. Sounds good in theory, but its best to wait until those titles see fruition to seek judgment.


Now, of course, new information from Kingdom Hearts Network has learned, after translating more of the Nomura interview in Famitsu magazine, that Nomura elaborates more on the next Kingdom Hearts project and what it could possibly be about. To quote Nomura from the interview


It is not Kingdom Hearts III, but it is an anecdote (extra or side-story) work! I think Sora [still] has a big role to fill! So let’s focus on other characters other than Sora for the following work now. (Tomo’s note: Nope, doesn’t mean new outfit for Sora…)



Nomura also hopes to explain more about the whole "Birth by Sleep" concept as well as what Mickey was doing in the World of Darkness and how he acquired a Keyblade. Lastly, which I find to be the most interesting part of the interview, Nomura reveals that should this suggested project of his take off, it may be hard to determine where the game may end up in which he does mention the possibility of it being the "PSP", "DS", or even cellphone.


Would you buy the next Kingdom Hearts spinoff if it appeared on either the PSP or DS? Survey says yes since the series is ever so popular.

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