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New Monster Hunter Rise Music to Be Performed at TGS 2021

New Monster Hunter Rise Music

Capcom announced that new music from Monster Hunter Rise will be performed at TGS 2021. Beyond the new piece of music from Monster Hunter Rise that will release during TGS 2021, the show will include other music featured in the title as well. The program will be held on September 30, 2021 during the Monster Hunter Spotlight program. The program will air at 10pm JST/6am PT/9am ET.

Additionally, new information about the recently announced Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak expansion will appear during the presentation. Details regarding what information Capcom will release is still unknown. The expansion was announced during a Nintendo Direct, which revealed the inclusion of an entirely new monster. Confirmed content for the new expansion includes the addition of new places, story quests, and quests.

Capcom currently has a line of TGS 2021 exclusive merchandise available to pre-order through its online shop. This includes more than a handful of Monster Hunter themed merchandise. This includes a massive sleeping bag designed after the Khezu, and a onesie inspired by the iconic Palico. Other more subtle pieces of merchandise includes exclusive bags and t-shirts.

Monster Hunter Rise is available for Nintendo Switch. A PC version should arrive sometime in early 2022.

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