New Skate Game “Commented Into Existence”

new skate

Cuz Parry and Deran Chung made a surprise appearance during today’s EA Play Live presentation, and they told us what fans have been demanding in Instagram comments for years is finally coming. A new Skate game has been announced, and that is literally all we know about it so far. Parry and Chung noted that this project is going to take a while, and seemed to imply getting this next Skate project greenlit was no easy task. Check out the announcement from Electronic Arts here:

We last saw the series with Skate 3, which launched for previous-gen platforms back in 2010. The Skate series is known for its unique control scheme, and more sim-like gameplay style that had a big learning curve, but was praised for being technically impressive.

The original EA division that created the series, Black Box, is no longer a distinct entity, having been absorbed into EA in various forms after Need for Speed: World. With the studio effectively closed, we don’t know what the team situation on this new Skate is. But like we mentioned earlier, the only detail so far is that a new Skate exists. We do know the Skate fanbase is on fire right now, and Cuz Parry is absolutely stoked too.



Lucas White
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