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New Sol Cresta Release Date Lands in February 2022

Sol Cresta Release Date

Platinum Games announced the release date for its arcade-style shoot em’ up Sol Cresta. After a brief delay announced earlier in November 2021, Sol Cresta will release on February 22, 2022, for the Nintendo Switch, PC, and PlayStation 4. Additionally, Kamiya revealed that he is now the Vice President of Platinum Games.  [Thanks, 4Gamer!]

Initially slated for a December 2021 release, Platinum Games later delayed the game in order to ensure Sol Cresta‘s quality and add new gameplay elements. Platinum Games founder Hideki Kamiya stated on stream that he does not believe in “mastering up” a game and prefers not to set release dates. Sol Cresta producer Takahito Washisaka, on the other hand, stated that they must decide on a release date.

In order to choose, the company employed the use of a gacha machine and ended up with the February 22 release date. After the official announcement, the live stream also revealed new key visual art. Towards the end of the stream, Kamiya played a new portion of the game and explained some basic gameplay mechanics. Notable industry figures such as Yoko Taro, composer Koshiro Yuzo, and Hamster Corporation president Satoshi Hamada sent in video messages congratulating the Sol Cresta development team.

You can check out the full Sol Cresta release date forum live stream below:

Sol Cresta will release for the Nintendo Switch, PC, and PlayStation 4 on February 22, 2022. The game will be download-only and cost ¥3,980 (about $36).

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