Nitrobike bound for the PS2?


nitrobike.jpg UbiSoft's Wii racer Nitrobike hit store shelves recently. However, it may not be Wii exclusive for too long. Both GameStop and Gamefly have listings up for a PS2 version, apparently set to ship at the end of March. One has to wonder though, if Nitrobike for the PS2 will retain the online functions of the Wii version, and also how much the game experience will change when played with a standard controller instead of with the Wii Remote. Also noteworthy is the fact that the PS2 Nitrobike is listed at $29.99, a full $20 less than the Wii version. It could be interesting to see how the game will turn out on the PS2. Also keep in mind that this doesn't mean that we'll be seeing Nitrobike on the PS2 for certain, but it does make it seem extremely likely.