One Piece Shanks’ Ship Will Appear as a Wooden Puzzle

One Piece Shanks Ship Red Force wooden ki-gu-mi puzzle

The ship owned by Shanks from One Piece will appear in the real world as a miniature wooden puzzle. Azone will sell a Wooden Art ki-gu-mi puzzle of the Red Force ship in mid-July 2022 in Japan. The set will be available at 4,950 yen (~$36.80).

The Red Force wooden puzzle will contain 187 pieces. They will come packaged in a set of runners. But unlike plastic model kits, the owner will be able to take off the parts by hand without any cutting tools. After setting all pieces, it will result in a miniaturized version of the Red Hair Pirates’ ship with an overall length of 140mm (~5.5 inches).

Shanks’ ship will join other One Piece ships that Azone had produced ki-gu-mi puzzles of. The existing series lineup includes the Going Merry, Thousand Sunny, Trafalgar Law’s submarine, and the Spade Pirates’ ship.

The release of this new wooden puzzle will be part of the promotions for One Piece Film Red. The new movie will appear in Japanese theaters on August 6, 2022. It will star Uta, Shanks’ daughter and Luffy’s childhood friend who has become famous as a singer in the One Piece universe.

The Wooden Art ki-gu-mi puzzle of Red Force, Shanks’ ship from One Piece, will be available in Japan in mid-July 2022.

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