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Pokemon Sword & Shield Official Team Yell Merch Coming To Pokemon Centers January 18, 2020

    Pokemon Sword & Shield Official Team Yell Merchandise

    The Pokemon Company announced Pokemon Sword & Shield official Team Yell merchandise is coming to Pokemon Centers across Japan on January 18, 2020.

    Check out the official Team Yell Merch below:

    Team Yell Cheering Towel

    Price: 1,760 yen

    Mini-Bath Towel #GOGO!YELL!!

    Price: 2,200 yen

    T-Shirt Collection #GOGO!YELL!!

    Size: Free Size

    Price: 2,200 yen

    Hoodie #GOGO!YELL

    Sizes: M/L

    Price: 6,160 yen

    Mascot #GOGO!YELL!!

    Price: 1,540 yen

    Smartphone Cover with Ring for iPhone 8/7 #GOGO!YELL!!

    Price: 3,300 yen

    Plush Tissue Box Cover #GOGO!YELL!!

    Price: 3,630 yen

    ID Pass Case #GOGO!YELL!!

    Price: 1,650 yen 

    Keychain #GOGO!YELL!! Zigzagoon (Galar Form)/Team Yell Cheering Towel

    Price: 1,320 yen


    Rubber Strap Collection #GOGO!YELL!!

    Price: 660 yen

    Stickers #GOGO!YELL!! Zigzagoon (Galar Form)/Grunt/Marnie & Morpeko

    Price: 330 yen

    Acrylic Stand #GOGO!YELL!!

    Price: 1,650 yen

    Tote Bag #GOGO!YELL!!

    Price: 2,200 yen

    Mug Cup #GOGO!YELL!!

    Price: 1,430 yen

    Pouch #GOGO!YELL!!

    Price: 1,650 yen

    There are also various clear files, pens, pins, and more from the “#GOGO!YELL!!” collection featuring Marnie and Team Yell that aren’t pictured.

    The Pokemon Sword Shield Team Yell goods release in Japan on January 18, 2020.

    Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield are available for Nintendo Switch. Check our previous report for details on the recently announced Expansion Pass. In case you missed it, Galarian Slowpoke was also added to the games.


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