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Pokemon Twilight Wings Episode 4 Takes A Deep Dive Into Nessa’s Past

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The fourth episode of Pokemon Twilight Wings has aired on Youtube, and it focuses on the Water-type Gym Leader, Nessa. The episode is currently available in Japanese first, and an English dub is expected to release on April 21, 2020.

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The episode focuses on Nessa’s struggle between whether to focus on her Gym Leader duties or on her modeling career, and so she turns to Sonia for advice. However, it’s a chance encounter with a Milotic that harkens back to Nessa’s past, that allows her to move past her troubles and be the self-confident Gym Leader that we face in Pokemon Sword and Shield‘s story. The episode also features a background cameo of Marnie and Morpeko.

Check out the Japanese version of the episode below:

Pokemon Twilight Wings is a short series of slightly interconnected vignettes set across the region of Galar, and featuring both characters from Pokemon Sword and Shield and some original characters living in Galar. Each episode is connected by the use of the Corviknight Flying Taxi. There will be seven episodes in total, and Episode 1 focused on Chairman Rose and a child named John who looks up to Champion Leon. Episode 2 shows Bea’s training regimen after her loss against Leon, and Episode 3 gave a look at Hop and his Wooloo’s bond of friendship.

The Pokemon: Twilight Wings Nessa episode will air online with an English dub on April 21, 2020. From the end of episode teaser, Episode 5 is set to feature Chairman Rose’s secretary Oleana as the main star.

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