Pop Up Parade Danganronpa Nagito Komaeda Figure Preorders Open

Pop up Parade Nagito Komaeda Figure

Good Smile Company opened pre-orders for Pop Up Parade figures of Nagito Komaeda from Danganronpa. The figure is based on the character’s appearance from Danganronpa 1・2 and will cost $38.99. Pre-orders are open until March 3, 2022, and the figure will ship sometime in May 2022.

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Nagito Komaeda is a popular character from the Danganronpa series, and he first appeared in the series’ second title, Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair. The character even took the top spot in a recent Danganronpa popularity poll conducted in Japan.

The figure is part of Good Smile Company’s budget line of Pop Up Parade figures and stands at around 17 cm (about 6 inches) tall. Komaeda wears his signature dark green zip-up jacket and white shirt combo. The figure also recreates the character’s messy hair, as well as finer details like his wallet chain and skull charm. Furthermore, pre-orders of the figure will come with a special postcard featuring a photo of the figure.

You can get a better look at the Nagito Komaeda Pop Up Parade figure in the screenshots below:

Previously, Good Smile Company released a Pop Up Parade figure of Junko Enoshima from Danganronpa. In April 2021, a 1oth anniversary figure of Komaeda also opened for pre-orders. The anniversary figure was based on a special illustration of Komaeda and featured the character in a dress suit.

The Pop Up Parade Danganronpa Nagito Komaeda figure is immediately available for pre-order on the Good Smile Company website. The figure costs $38.99 and will ship sometime in May 2022. Pre-orders are open until March 3, 2022.

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