Pop Up Parade Dark Magician Girl Figure Is Ready to Duel

Dark Magician Girl Figure

Good Smile Company revealed the final version of the Pop Up Parade Dark Magician Girl figure from Yu-Gi-Oh. They first showed off the figure at WonHobby 32 earlier this year, alongside Yugi and Kaiba, but it was the unpainted version. Pre-orders are open from May 18 to June 17, 2021. She will release in September 2021 in Japan and October 2021 in North America. The Dark Magician Girl figure costs 3,900 JPY/$38.99.

Dark Magician Girl is posed like she is sitting on her staff, similar to how a witch sits on a broom, while saluting. Like her usual expression when she is summoned in the Yu-Gi-Oh show, she has a big smile on her face, complete with blush marks on her cheeks. The figure stands at approximately 170 millimeters and, if you pose her with the Pop Up Parade Yami Yugi, it can look like he’s ordering her to attack an opponent.

Aside from the Pop Up Parade version of the Yu-Gi-Oh monster Dark Magician Girl, Good Smile Company is also releasing a Nendoroid based on her. She will appear in October 2021 for Japan and November 2021 for North America. She was also one of the choices on MegaHouse’s poll for Art Works Monsters figures. However, the poll is no longer open.

The Pop Up Parade figure of Dark Magician Girl from Yu-Gi-Oh is currently available to pre-order. It will appear in Japan in September 2021 and North America in October 2021.

Stephanie Liu
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