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Rosaria Fills a Much Needed Hole in Genshin Impact’s Roster

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There are times in Genshin Impact where we meet certain characters who will clearly eventually be playable before they are added. We saw both Baizhu and Ganyu in the campaign first. Rosaria and Scaramouche showed up as event characters first, with the former showing up in additional quests before becoming playable in Genshin Impact. Now that she’s here, there’s the obvious sense of her “finally” being included. But while part of that comes from her being around for a while in terms of the story, her personality and behavior in-game also help with that.

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A big part of that has to do with who she is. The named representatives we’ve seen from the Church of Favonius are a lot like Barbara. They’re doing good within the city and seeking to help. However, we know from the Archon Quests and heading into the church’s storage that there are some people who can obviously fight. So by her nature, we see another kind of agent protecting Mondstadt. Especially someone working at night and from the shadows in an official capacity, rather than the other knights.

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But what’s also important is her demeanor. Rosaria has an edge to her. She doesn’t immediately trust and isn’t the sort to take to the Traveler right away. Prior to the debut of Rosaria in the story, the majority of the characters you meet in Genshin Impact welcome to the traveler. Even Childe, a member of the Fatui, is affable and amicable. She’s guarded and skeptical. In a game where we should see more people questioning someone’s motives, she’s among the first where it might feel like there’s a need to prove yourself and win her over. We needed someone more obviously like that in the cast.

It even feels like we’ve been waiting for Rosaria when it comes to equipment in Genshin Impact. There was so much waiting for her once she appeared. The four-star Dragonspine Spear, which you earn from The Festering Fang, can be a good fit for her. Especially since it has the ice shard effect and physical damage bonus. For someone spending as little money as possible or none, it can feel like a natural pairing.

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The Summit of Vindagnyr Domain’s Blizzard Strayer artifact set is perfect for her as well. Especially since equipping four pieces increases critical rates if the opponent is affected by Cryo or frozen. Given Unholy Revelation increases her normal attack’s damage and her attack speed when she lands critical hits and her Regina Probationum increases of critical hits as well, it essentially is the set for her and only hear. Not that it doesn’t work for Kaeya too, but it suits her so well.

Perhaps it’s just me, but it feels like Rosaria fills a gap in Genshin Impact in more ways than one. We didn’t have someone with her sort of personality around. I mean, we didn’t have anyone around really who wasn’t immediately cordial and welcoming to the Traveler. Her demeanor is rather different compared to the majority of the cast. Plus, she’s someone who’s finally able to make fantastic use of some equipment we’ve had lying around. Essentially, we needed someone like her around.

Genshin Impact is available for the PlayStation 4, PC, and mobile devices. A PlayStation 5 version will appear on April 28, 2021. A Switch version is on the way. As a four-star, Rosaria will be available all the time via Genshin Impact banners, though you are more likely to get her via Farewell of Snezhnaya until April 27, 2021.

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