Sailor Moon Uniqlo Shirts Make Their June 2022 Debut

Sailor Moon Uniqlo Shirts Make Their June 2022 Debut

We already knew the new Sailor Moon Uniqlo shirts would come to Japan on June 6, 2022. At the time, there wasn’t an exact North American launch date. Now, the company revealed those shirts are available everywhere. People outside Japan can get them too. However, while they are guaranteed to be at the official website, they might not appear in all stores.

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All three of the Uniqlo Sailor Moon Eternal movie shirts are available in women’s styles, rather than unisex t-shirts. Their sizes range from XXS to XXL. Each one costs $19.99. Each one calls back to characters in the series.

The first one is a white shirt with no design on the back. It reads “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal” at the top. Below it are colored silhouettes for the main scouts. From left to right, Super Sailor Jupter, Super Sailor Mercury, Super Sailor Chibi Moon, Super Sailor Moon, Super Sailor Mars, and Super Sailor Venus appear.
Sailor Moon Uniqlo Shirts Make Their June 2022 Debut

The second shirt is a black one with Luna on the front. The night sky is used to fill in her silhouette. She still has her trademark moon on her forehead. Underneath her, the text reads, “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal.

The final shirt is the only one with designs on the front and back. It is a white shirt with a small crescent moon on the front on the upper left. On the back is an image of Usagi transforming into Super Sailor Moon. The text here reads, “Guardian of love and justice, Super Sailor Moon. Moon Crisis Make Up. Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal.”
Sailor Moon Uniqlo Shirts Make Their June 2022 Debut

As for the series’ story, the Sailor Moon Cosmos movies will appear in 2023. These will close out the story by going over the Shadow Galactica arc. Sailor Moon Crystal and Eternal are available on Netflix.

The Uniqlo Sailor Moon Eternal shirts are now available in Japan and North America as of June 6, 2022.

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