Sekai Project Translating The Rest Of World End Econmica… And An Alpaca Game


Sekai Project recently held a Kickstarter campaign to help them translate episodes 2 and 3 of World End Economica, a visual novel by Spice & Wolf author Isuna Hasekura. The campaign asked for a modest $22,000 in contributions, although it has already gone well beyond that point, and currently sits at $32,000 in funding.



The other announcement Sekai Project made this past week was that they’ve licensed PacoProject’s “PacaPlus” for a Steam release. PacaPlus is a game aimed at people that are “fans of fluffy, fluffy alpacas”. Here’s how it’s described:


The story follows the life of a certain Kazuma Saeki who is living the life. Surrounded by friends, especially his cute girlfriend Yukari Izumi, his school days could not be any better. However, on a bus ride back from “Alpaca Kingdom” he wakes up from a nap and finds that it’s not Yukari that’s sitting next to him but an alpaca. An alpaca that talks exactly like Yukari in fact…


What will happen to Kazuma and his life with an alpaca? How exactly does an alpaca play the violin? What is the connection between “Alpaca Kingdom” and what happened to Yukari? Pick up the game and get to the bottom of this fluffy mystery!


In addition to its Steam release, physical copies of PacaPlus will be made available at Anime Expo this year. You’ll be able to grab them from Booth#1530, which is where you’ll find Sekai Project and their goods.


Finally, Sekai Project will also be bringing Fault Milestone One to Steam once localization is complete. You can learn more about that game here.

Ishaan Sahdev
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