Silent Hill 2 SuperGroupies Collaboration is Inspired by Pyramid Head

SuperGroupies Silent Hill 2

Fashion brand SuperGroupies has announced that their latest collaboration for accessories and clothing is with Silent Hill 2. Items such as watches and jackets that draw inspiration from the Red Pyramid Thing, or Pyramid Head, are available for pre-order from September 24 to October 11, 2021. [Thanks, Famitsu!]

This is the first time that SuperGroupies is collaborating to make Silent Hill 2 merchandise. So it stands to reason that it would choose to focus on one of the more iconic characters from the entire series. The items that you can purchase are:

  • Watch: $218 (+tax)
  • Coat: $230 (+tax)
  • Bag: $148 (+tax)
  • Wallet: $118 (+tax)

The watch and wallet are a deep rusty red, which invokes the color of Pyramid Head’s titular red pyramid. In addition, the hour hand of the watch looks like his large hatchet, while the second hand resembles a spear. The hatchet appears as a charm on the bag, and the lining of the back pocket is a reference to the Dog Ending from the game. SuperGroupies has stated that the coat, bag, and wallet will ship out around late January 2022. Meanwhile, the watch has a release window of the end of February 2022.

While the bag and accessories focus on Otherworld and Pyramid Head’s namesake, the coat uses a design similar to Pyramid Head’s executioner’s jacket. The light green lining inside of the coat is the same shade as James’s green jacket.

The Silent Hill 2 SuperGroupies collaboration items are available for pre-order from their website until October 11, 2021. In August, Konami added a collector’s edition hoodie inspired by Silent Hill 2 to their online shop. Aside from Silent Hill 2, SuperGroupies also has an ongoing collaboration with Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

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