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SMT V Slime Is Ready to Collect Your Shiny Things

SMT V Slime

Atlus revealed Slime as the latest featured demon in Shin Megami Tensei V. This viscous fellow is the 32nd recruitable demon featured in the game’s daily video series. Atlus is uploading brief trailers leading up to the title’s November 2021 release.

Slime in SMT V is a primitive monster with a mucus-like body. Its true identity is likely a demon that failed to materialize. The narrator elaborates that there are many theories about the origins of Slime as a monster, but none of them are conclusive. Generally speaking, these theories all agree that Slimes have a habit of collecting shiny objects. The trailer shows it using Poisma on a precious, little mandrake. We also get a glimpse at the muckman’s skills, which lists a new ability called Dustma (the final localization may change the name). Based on footage from the E3 Treehouse, this attack appears to enchant a single enemy.

Since the video series will have over 200 trailers by SMT V‘s November release, we will provide recaps on the 20 most recent demons below.

  1. Turdak
  2. Fafnir
  3. Mothman
  4. Lilim
  5. Futsunushi
  6. Sraosha
  7. Xuan Wu
  8. Uriel
  9. Orobas
  10. Girimehkala
  11. Horus
  12. Rangda
  13. Arahabaki
  14. Moloch
  15. Preta
  16. Ongyo-Ki
  17. Throne
  18. Silky
  19. Kurama Tengu
  20. Fuu-Ki

Shin Megami Tensei V will launch exclusively on Nintendo Switch worldwide on November 12, 2021. Japan will get the game one day earlier on November 11. The 33rd SMT V demon teased at the end of the Slime trailer appears to be Onmoraki of the Raptor race.

Oni Dino
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