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Uriel Will Be Among the Angels Present in SMT V

SMT V uriel shin megami tensei v

We are now up to 19 entries in Atlus’ Shin Megami Tensei V daily demon digest video series. The latest one is one of the angels who have often appeared throughout the series and its spin-offs. In SMT V, people will be able to once again summon Uriel.

By now, people know what to expect from these sorts of trailers. This SMT V video begins with the protagonist summoning Uriel. Then, we see it in the wild and in battle. During the fight, Uriel is targeting Kumbhanda with an attack.

As for the next demon, it’s a bit difficult to tell due to the silhouette’s hair. The SMT V Uriel video closes with a look at someone with a human-shaped body and hands and horse legs. It could very well be Orobas, another returning demon.

Over 200 demons will show up in SMT V. At the moment, Atlus shared only 19 trailers going over some of them. Here are the last 18, in case people need to catch up. 

  1. Jack Frost
  2. Amanozako
  3. Fionn mac Cumhaill
  4. Angel
  5. Daimon
  6. Mermaid
  7. Mandrake
  8. Arioch
  9. Kumbhanda
  10. Feng Huang
  11. Inugami
  12. Turdak
  13. Fafnir
  14. Mothman
  15. Lilim
  16. Futsunushi
  17. Sraosha
  18. Xuan Wu

Shin Megami Tensei V will come to the Nintendo Switch in Japan on November 11, 2021 and worldwide on November 12, 2021.

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