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Square Enix Remakes Original Final Fantasy VII Art with the Remake’s Style

final fantasy vii remake art aerith 2

Square Enix has been sharing an avalanche of Final Fantasy VII Remake information today. There have been new screenshots and a new co-director had been added, for example. Now, even more art has been shared. Two images of Aerith and Barret made for the original Final Fantasy VII have been redone with the remake’s aesthetics. In addition, even more looks at Reno and Rude have appeared.

First, let’s start with the images. One involves Aerith looking at the sky. Here is the original:

final fantasy 7 remake art aerith

Here is the remake.

final fantasy 7 remake art aerith 2

Next up is Barret with Marlene. They’re standing in a rather familiar church in Midgar in this art. Here’s the original:

final fantasy 7 remake art barrett

Here is the remake.

final fantasy 7 remake art barrett 2

Two new tweets also offer look at Reno and Rude’s designs and offer a brief summary of their abilities in Final Fantasy VII Remake. Reno’s description says, “Reno is a member of Shinra’s investigation unit informally known as the Turks. His skills lie in his agility and specialized weaponry.” As for Rude, his tweet notes, “Rude carries no weapons, choosing to use his fists and few words to accomplish his missions for the Turks.”

Final Fantasy VII Remake will come to the PlayStation 4 on March 3, 2020.

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