Street Fighter 6 Announced With a New Trailer

Street Fighter 6

We now know what Capcom had been teasing for the last week through its countdown website — Street Fighter 6. The company officially announced Street Fighter 6 alongside a short teaser trailer featuring Ryu and Luke. There is no confirmed release platform, price, or date. However, Capcom stated that it would reveal more information about the game sometime in Summer 2022.

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The short CGI teaser trailer showed Ryu and Luke gearing up for a fight. The most notable difference from past appearances is that Ryu sports a short beard. Luke, a character introduced in the latest series title Street Fighter V, wears a hoodie and his padded gloves. The video ends just as both Ryu and Luke begin fighting.

The trailer may indicate that Luke will have an important part to play in Street Fighter 6. Producer Shuhei Matsumoto said as much during an interview from November 2021, in which he teased that the character would appear “in the next Street Fighter project.”

You can check out the official Street Fighter 6 announcement trailer below:

This announcement of a new Street Fighter was revealed to be a part of Capcom’s mysterious countdown website, which appeared last week. It also coincided with the announcement of the Capcom Fighting Collection, a collection of ten classic fighting titles from the Street Fighter and Darkstalker franchises.

Street Fighter 6 is officially in development. There is no confirmed release platform, price, or date, but Capcom will reveal more information about the title in Summer 2022.

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