UDON Shows Off Limited Gold Foil Street Fighter: Swimsuit Special Collection Edition

street fighter swimsuit special collection gold

UDON Entertainment has revealed a new, limited-time Street Fighter: Swimsuit Special Collection Gold Foil Bikini Edition. This version of UDON’s upcoming swimsuit art collection is limited to 250 copies, is exclusive to the UDON Entertainment online store, and is now available for pre-orders. Both editions of this collection feature the same cover art by UDON artist Rob Porter, but the limited edition has a gold foil stamp. It’s a $50 preorder while it’s still available on the UDON Entertainment online store, and pre-orders are expected to start shipping around July 15, 2020.

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The Street Fighter: Swimsuit Special Collection is a hardcover compilation combining 136 pages of art from the previous four years of individual book releases from UDON. The prints are “oversized” format and feature “rare covers” and rough concept drafts for many of the pieces in the book. The standard edition without the gold foil is being sold at a retail value of $39.99.

Of course, after this compilation comes out, the 2020 issues will start releasing, the first of which is slated for an August 19 release. You can see our coverage on the prices and variant cover options here.

Beyond the swimsuit collections, UDON Entertainment has long been the studio responsible for official Capcom and Street Fighter art outside of Japan, and has even been involved in some of the games as well as official concept art releases.

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