Sundae Funday: Rock On With 3D Sound


Sundae Funday! This post took me half an hour to type up because I’m trying to make progress in Pokémon Black/White, and kept getting distracted by the game.


For some reason, it feels like the latter half of the game has more personality than the first half. The cities are more interesting, the music associated with them is better, and the gym designs just keep getting more and more entertaining.


Anyway, on to your three scoops of news!


Listen To The 3D Audio Samples From Nazo Waku Mansion

Nazo Waku Mansion is an adventure-meets-sound novel-esque type of game that utilizes 3D, just like a lot of other Nintendo 3DS titles. The catch is, Capcom are putting the emphasis on 3D sound, as opposed to 3D visuals.


The game is designed by Minoru Nakai, director of Resident Evil: Deadly Silence, and Yukinori Kitajama, scenario writer on 428.


I remember discussing this in a Siliconera Bounce thread recently, but my very first experience with my own Nintendo DS was in the form of Metroid Prime: Hunters, which used virtual surround sound very effectively and was what made me feel safe in my decision to buy a DS at the time.


Rock of Ages Skeeball? No, It’s SkeeBoulder

After quite a while, Atlus and Ace Ace Team’s Rock of Ages finally resurfaced this past week, with details on new game modes.


Killing Pablo Escobar, The Canceled Game Where A Real Druglord Was The Final Boss

Before Deadline Games started work on Faith and a .45, they were working on a video game based on "Killing Pablo," a novel by Mark Bowden, that dealt with U.S. and Columbian efforts to stop illegal activities by Columbian drug lord, Pablo Escobar.



Food for thought:

Kris’ Crysis 2 playtest should be going up sometime this week, but you shouldn’t believe a word of what he says, because he’s a filthy liar. Example:


Spencer has entered the conversation.

Kris: Also, with my schedule last quarter, it would have killed me. But now is a time for freedom!

Kris: Hello Spencer!

Kris: Ishaan is naked right now

Spencer has left.

Ishaan: …

Ishaan: See what you did.


(Actually, I read his playtest this past weekend, and thought it was both informative and funny, so look forward to it!)

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