Super Mario Champion Collection On Sale in Japan

Mario Champion Collection Collaboration

Nintendo teamed up with another brand to bring a Super Mario Champion collection to fans in Japan. The designs are all limited edition in celebration of the Super Mario Bros anniversary. The collection is on sale now in Champion stores in Toyko and Osaka and for online purchase via Champion’s official shop.

The Super Mario Champion Collection features just eight pieces of clothing in total, ranging from T-shirts, hoodies, a windbreaker, and pants. Some items are already sold out online, so those interested shouldn’t wait too long to decide. The items are exclusive to physical stores like Champion Brand House Shibuya Tokyo and Champion Brand House Shinsaibashi Osaka, which may have more stock. However, fans can also purchase the collection via Champion’s official online store (all prices include tax).

  • T-Shirt (White) – 4,620 yen
  • T-Shirt (Black) – 4,620 yen
  • Famicom Hoodie (Blue) – 11,220 yen
  • Famicom Hoodie (Black) – 11,220 yen
  • Toad Windbreaker – 11,880 yen
  • Fire Flower Hoodie (White) – 9,900 yen
  • Fire Flower Hoodie (Black) – 9,900 yen
  • Pants – 7,920 yen

Those who buy an item from the Super Mario Champion Collection will also receive an exclusive set of stickers. One sticker is of a classic Super Mario design and the other is the Champion logo in an 8-bit style. Nintendo is no stranger to clothing collaborations. In recent years, the company partnered with brands like PUMA, Uniqlo, and Levi’s for exclusive collections.

The Super Mario Champion Collection is on sale now in Japan.

Oni Dino
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