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SuperGroupies TWEWY Line Brings Anime Fashion to Anime Fashion

supergroupies twewy

SuperGroupies is one of the higher-end anime and video game merchandise producers, with items made specifically for high fashion. Instead of things like t-shirts and goofy socks, SuperGroupies makes things like bags, watches, and shoes. Square Enix has several Collaborations with the company, so it makes sense that one of the most fashionable games in its library, The World Ends With You, has joined the team. A new SuperGroupies TWEWY  set has been announced, featuring the game’s already eclectic, anime fashion style.

This is higher quality merchandise, which means you’ll be shelling out some real dollars for this. As an example, the watch (which has multiple styles available) is running local customers around $150 USD. For now, the preorders are only available for folks in Japan, but SuperGroupies does ship internationally. So if you want to get in on the SuperGroupies TWEWY  action you’re gonna have to wait a bit. Luckily if you’re a Square Enix fan there are plenty of options, such as the recent Romancing SaGa set.

The World Ends With You has been back in the news lately, thanks to an upcoming anime adaptation that was just announced and will stream via Funimation.

The World Ends With You is available in various formats, originally for the Nintendo DS and ported to mobile platforms and the Nintendo Switch.

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