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Switch Gotta Protectors Translation is Complete

switch gotta protectors translation

The English version of Ancient’s newest Gotta Protectors game is complete, according to the game’s development lead, Karu_gamo. The Switch Gotta Protectors translation will bring the game, known as Susume!! Mamotte Knight in Japan, to Western audiences.

Released in Japan in 2019, Susume!! Mamotte Knight is a retro-style action game in which you defend a princess from increasing waves of monsters with special attacks and structures. It follows the 3DS’ Gotta Protectors, which released in 2016 in the West. Before that, the first game in the series, Protect Me Knight, was exclusive to Xbox Live Indie Games on Xbox 360. The Switch version returns to the first game’s single-screen approach to multiplayer and even adds online play.

switch gotta protectors

All the games in the Gotta Protectors series are full of chiptune music, both by Ancient founder Yuzo Koshiro and other composers. In addition, the Switch entry sports downloadable content packs. These convert the game’s soundtrack into versions using sound hardware of other classic systems.

Karu_gamo told Siliconera about the Switch Gotta Protectors translation as part of our interview with the developer about his newest game, Famicom/NES release Blazing Rangers. However, Ancient is not involved with the development or release of that game.

Susume!! Mamotte Knight is available now on the Nintendo Switch eShop in Japan. Ancient has not yet announced release information for the translated English version.

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