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Yoshinori Ono: Capcom “Locked The Doors” To Street Fighter With Street Fighter III

By Ishaan . February 24, 2011 . 12:30pm

Street Fighter IV producer, Yoshinori Ono, feels that Street Fighter III was too inaccessible, and compares Street Fighter IV to a class reunion of sorts.

Post 116551

The Two Ninja Gaidens Of The Future

By Ishaan . February 23, 2011 . 4:00pm

Team Ninja’s two upcoming Ninja Gaiden games each have a different focus.

Post 116276

Ridge Racer 3D Has 150 Locations, 40 Music Tracks

By Ishaan . February 22, 2011 . 9:27am

This information comes via the most amusing third-party Iwata Asks yet.

Post 116106

Mega Man Legends 3 Voice Recording Is Already Underway

By Ishaan . February 20, 2011 . 4:29pm

New heroine, Aero, is first in line to have her dialogue recorded for Legends 3.

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The Pro Evolution Soccer Team Capture Their Own Moves

By Ishaan . February 20, 2011 . 3:00pm

Pro Evo executive producer, Shinji Enomoto, says that the development staff motion capture themselves for the series’ in-game animations.

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About 40% Of Samurai Warriors Players Are Female

By Ishaan . February 16, 2011 . 5:30pm

These same female players also send Koei chocolates, addressed to the series’ various warlords every year on Valentine’s Day.

Post 115451

A Message From Mega Man Legends 3’s Director

By Ishaan . February 16, 2011 . 12:04pm

Mega Man Legends 3 director, Masakazu Eguchi, has an important message for fans.

Post 115176

Learn About The Development Of The Game & Watch Series

By Ishaan . February 15, 2011 . 9:27am

Before Nintendo developed the NES, they created the Game & Watch series of systems.

Post 114755

The Last Story And Xenoblade Directors On Developing RPGs

By Laura . February 11, 2011 . 5:43pm

Tetsuya Takahashi and Hironobu Sakaguchi talk about Xenoblade, The Last Story, their time at Squaresoft, and what makes an RPG.

Post 114689

Radiant Historia’s Protagonist Was Originally A Sword

By Ishaan . February 11, 2011 . 10:29am

Atlus, as the game’s publisher, requested certain changes be made to the concept design.

Post 114703

Crysis 2 Developers Show How You Motion Capture An Alien

By Ishaan . February 10, 2011 . 5:45pm

Ever wondered how an alien is motion-captured for computer graphics?

Post 114592

The Conceptualization Of The Professor Layton Series

By Ishaan . February 10, 2011 . 8:17am

A fascinating account of how the Professor Layton series was conceived by Level 5 president, Akihiro Hino.

Post 114150

Nintendo 3DS StreetPass Feature Inspired In Part By Dragon Quest IX Success

By Ishaan . February 8, 2011 . 10:24am

Nintendo 3DS producer reveals the reason behind his StreetPass “counter-attack.”

Post 113825

Radiant Historia’s Localization Began In August 2010

By Ishaan . February 6, 2011 . 10:21am

Atlus USA had a large team assigned to the project, with as many as four different translators working on translating the game’s text alone.

Post 113477

A Look Into The Nintendo 3DS’ Mechanical Design

By Ishaan . February 3, 2011 . 4:02pm

Another Iwata Asks session explains how the system was designed differently from the DS Lite and DSi.