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Fire Emblem Heroes’ Next Legendary Hero Features Azura Starting December 28

By Sato . December 27, 2018 . 1:00am

Nintendo announced that Fire Emblem Heroes is getting its next Legendary Hero banner and it features Azura “Vallite Songstress” from Fire Emblem Fates. Here’s a new trailer for the new Hero.

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Fire Emblem Heroes Brings Merry Cheer With New ‘Gifts Of Winter’ Holiday Banner

By Alistair . December 16, 2018 . 1:30pm

Fire Emblem Heroes’ Christmas banner this year brings a gift of an alt for Ephraim, Eirika, Fae (with adorable reindeer horns!) and Cecilia.

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Fire Emblem Heroes 3.0.0 Update Out Now With Book III Story, New Trailer, And Patch Notes

By Sato . December 11, 2018 . 8:00am

Fire Emblem Heroes got its major 3.0.0 update, which introduces Book III of the story, Mythic Heroes and Mythic Effects, new Weapon Skills and Refines, and a new trailer to give us a look at what’s ahead.

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Fire Emblem Heroes’ Next Feh Channel Broadcast Is A Book III Edition On December 10

By Sato . December 7, 2018 . 1:00am

Nintendo is hosting the next Feh Channel broadcast for Fire Emblem Heroes, and it’ll be a Book III Edition on December 10, 2018 starting 3:00pm PT.

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Fire Emblem Heroes’ Next Legendary Hero Banner Features Hríd Starting November 28

By Sato . November 26, 2018 . 1:00am

Fire Emblem Heroes is getting its next Legendary Hero banner featuring Hríd, the elder prince of the Ice Kingdom Nifl who was introduced in Book II of the game’s story.

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Fire Emblem Heroes Reveals Book I & II Retrospective With Book III Tease

By Alistair . November 21, 2018 . 9:30am

Nintendo released a new video for Fire Emblem Heroes recently that recaps the story of Book I and the recently concluded Book II, and which also shows an extended tease of Book III.

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Fire Emblem Heroes Adds Ylgr and Surtr In Its Fire And Ice Event On November 21

By Sato . November 20, 2018 . 1:00am

Fire Emblem Heroes is adding a couple new Heroes with a new “Fire and Ice” summoning event that kicks off on November 21 featuring Ylgr and Surtr from the game’s story.

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Fire Emblem Heroes Adds New Aether Raids Mode; Book III Teased

By Alistair . November 7, 2018 . 8:45pm

Fire Emblem Heroes’ Feh Channel update video has introduced a new raid feature where you can attack and defend custom built maps. Doing well earns you Grails to summon GHB/TT units.

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Fire Emblem Heroes’ New Adrift Banner Features Male & Female Corrin, Mikoto, And Camilla

By Alistair . November 7, 2018 . 1:30am

Fire Emblem Heroes’ latest banner is ‘Adrift’, featuring both Corrins, Camilla, and Corrin’s mother Mikoto fighting in maps based on Fire Emblem Fates: Revelations.

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Fire Emblem Heroes Is Getting Its Next Feh Channel Broadcast On November 7

By Sato . November 6, 2018 . 12:00am

Nintendo announced that its smartphone strategy RPG Fire Emblem Heroes is getting its next Feh Channel live stream on November 7 at 7:30pm PT.

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Fire Emblem Heroes Brings New Weapon Refinery Options For November Update

By Alistair . November 5, 2018 . 8:30am

Fire Emblem Heroes has announced that four new weapons will be added to existing characters in the game as part of November’s monthly update.

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Dragalia Lost, Super Mario Run, And Fire Emblem Heroes Are On The Rise

By Sato . October 31, 2018 . 3:30am

Several Nintendo smartphone games are on the rise with titles such as Dragalia Lost which recently launched, Super Mario Run, and Fire Emblem Heroes that is getting version 3.0 around the end of the year.

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Fire Emblem Heroes’ Next Legendary Hero Banner Features Eirika On October 31

By Sato . October 30, 2018 . 2:30am

Fire Emblem Heroes is getting its next Legendary Hero banner featuring Eirika: Graceful Resolve, the protagonist of Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones, starting October 31.

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Fire Emblem Heroes’ Next Banner Adds Loki, Kliff, Owain On October 23

By Sato . October 22, 2018 . 1:00am

Nintendo revealed the next set of new Heroes that are joining Fire Emblem Heroes with game original character Loki, Kliff from Fire Emblem Echoes, and Owain from Fire Emblem Awakening.

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Fire Emblem Heroes Reveals Oct-Nov Calendar And Tempest Trials+ Focus Banner

By Alistair . October 11, 2018 . 9:30am

Fire Emblem Heroes has revealed the upcoming schedule of events starting spanning from mid-October to mid-November, as well as a new banner featuring Tempest Trials+ bonus units.

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