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This Week In Sales: Fate/Extra CCC Returns For A Second Round

By Ishaan . April 3, 2013 . 1:00pm

Luigiā€™s Mansion: Dark Moon managed to hold on to the #1 spot last week. At #2 was Marvelous AQL’s Fate/Extra CCC, which finally saw release following multiple delays.

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Game & Wario Hands On: Nothing Like WarioWare

By Matt . March 29, 2013 . 11:15am

Each mini-game starred a character from WarioWare, though Game & Wario hardly qualifies as an entry of that series.

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Wii U Game Makes You A Boy Who Stays Up Past His Bedtime To Play More Games

By Spencer . February 28, 2013 . 5:00pm

Also, Captain Wario turns a Wii U tech demo into a Game & Wario mini-game.

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Game & Wario And Its Mustache Bow And Arrow Game Are Coming In March

By Spencer . January 24, 2013 . 4:19pm

While Nintendo bumped Game & Wario out of the Wii U launch window in North America, the microgame collection is scheduled to come out in Japan as planned.

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Pikmin 3, The Wonderful 101, And Game & Wario Slip To The First Half Of 2013

By Spencer . January 17, 2013 . 12:25pm

Along with release dates for Luigi’s Manion: Dark Moon and Rayman Legends, Nintendo also mentioned three Wii U games have been pushed back from a planned March release.

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Game & Wario Set For Early 2013, Pikmin 3 Coming In Spring 2013

By Spencer . September 13, 2012 . 7:18am

Nintendo has three more titles in development for Wii U scheduled to come out after the system launches.

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Game & Wario Hands-On: Missing The Microgames

By Kris . June 12, 2012 . 3:31pm

Game & Wario feels more like a Wario-skinned Wii Play successor for the Wii U.

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Game & Wario Is Wii U’s Equivalent Of WarioWare

By Ishaan . June 5, 2012 . 2:17pm

Game & Wario is a collection of mini-games that use only the Wii U GamePad, and Nintendo detailed a few of these today.