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Snatcher’s Original Title Was Changed Due To A Mahjong Game, Says Kojima

By Ishaan . August 13, 2012 . 11:00am

And Policenauts’ original title, “Beyond,” couldn’t be registered, Kojima reveals.

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Hideo Kojima Producing Sdatcher, A Radio Drama Inspired By Snatcher

By Ishaan . July 8, 2011 . 6:48am

Hideo Kojima is producing a radio drama inspired by his older cyberpunk adventure game in partnership with Grasshopper Manufacture.

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From The Pages Of Hideo Kojima’s Development Notebooks

By Spencer . January 21, 2011 . 1:48am

Metal Gear Solid and Snatcher creator Hideo Kojima has been posting photos of video game planning manuals on Twitter.

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MonkeyPaw Is On A Mission To Bring Lost Japanese Games To The West

By Spencer . July 2, 2010 . 1:38pm

In this interview, we spoke with John Greiner, CEO of MonkeyPaw, about his plans for digital imports from Japan and retro overhauls.

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