The Idolmaster: Pop Links Is Now Available In Japan

the idolmaster pop links

Another app related to The Idolmaster franchise appeared in Japan’s app stores: The Idolmaster: Pop Links. While the also-recently-launched Producer Greeting Kit is a simple app that lets you create “business cards” based on the franchise, Pop Links is a casual puzzle game app that features a collection of idols from the franchise’s various brands. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]

Bandai Namco also published a couple of trailers on The Idolmaster YouTube channel to mark Pop Links’ launch. One of them shows the full version of the game’s opening movie.

The other trailer gives a rundown of Pop Linksgameplay features at launch. While you can instantly choose your first three idols, the rest will have to be obtained through its gacha or the Offer system. The mobile game also encourages you to connect with other comrade Producers by sharing your own customized music CD cover. You can compare high scores with friends or even send them additional stamina to progress further in the game.

Pop Links starts with 75 idols available by default. The initial roster includes all 13 original idols of 765 Production and members of Illumination Stars and Alstroemeria from Shiny Colors‘ 283 Production. The remaining idols come from Cinderella GirlsMillion Live, and SideM. The development team will add more characters to the roster every month.

The Idolmaster: Pop Links is available on Android and iOS mobile devices in Japan.

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