The Pokemon Company is Seeking a Pokemon Archivist

pokemon archivist

Pokemon nerds, listen up: The Pokemon Company is looking for an archivist to create an “internal The Pokemon Company International Company Archive and Museum.” As the archivist, your job will be to develop a company archive to catalog all pieces of lore, both in-game and out. This will include all eight (nine, if you include Scarlet and Violet) generations of games and span around 1,000 species of Pokemon. [Thanks, Vice!]

The Pokemon archivist will need to create both physical and digital archives. They will also need to provide a “descriptive metadata schema” so that others can search through them. This data bank will encompass the games, anime, movies, and trading card game. Since this is a “museum,” the archivist will need to acquire “artifacts” such as cards. You likely will not need to include all of the Pokemon-related goods or jewelry that other companies have released. Lastly, you will have to create a security protocol.

The annual pay for this position will be between $77,000 and $118,000. While it is not a requirement, the job listing does state that The Pokemon Company would prefer someone with a Bachelor’s Degree in Library Science, Archives Management, Information Management, or another similar field. You will need 3-4 years of related professional experience, however.

Those who are interested can apply for the position of Pokemon archivist online.

Stephanie Liu
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