This Week In Sales: Anarchy Reigns In The Midst Of An Etrian Odyssey


Period: The week of July 2nd – July 8th (2012)

Top-seller: Pokémon Black/White 2 – 184,648

Nintendo 3DS sales: 52,421 | Total sales: 6,471,409

PlayStation Vita sales: 13,758 | Total sales: 818,497

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Last week’s biggest release in Japan was Etrian Odyssey IV, the latest in Atlus’ Wizardry-inspired dungeon-crawling series. Released for the Nintendo 3DS, Etrian Odyssey IV sold 95,506 copies in its first week, making this the game with the highest opening sales in the entire series. Here’s a look at the opening sales of the previous games for comparison:


(2007) Etrian Odyssey – 32,511

(2008) Etrian Odyssey II – 68,913

(2010) Etrian Odyssey III – 87,765


There could be several reasons as to why Etrian Odyssey IV showed higher first-week sales. For starters, the game has been made more accessible to the average player with a casual mode. Atlus also released a demo for the game on the Nintendo eShop, which could have been a catalyst for the improved sales as well.


Another game that did well (within reasonable limits) was The Little Battlers: Explosive Boost. Considering that this is the third version of the first Little Battlers game, 54,000 copies sold in its first week is quite the feat and implies that Level 5 had the right idea expanding the series to the 3DS.


At this rate, there’s little doubt that The Little Battlers W, the upcoming second game in the series, will make its way to the Nintendo 3DS at some point, too. That’s where the audience for games aimed at school kids is going to be in the future, owing to titles like Monster Hunter, Dragon Quest, Inazuma Eleven, and Nintendo’s own franchises.


Last week also saw the release of Anarchy Reigns in Japan. Unfortunately, that game was released with little fanfare, and was narrowly outsold by Ubisoft’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. Anarchy Reigns sold 22,000 copies, while Ghost Recon sold 23,300 (both on PlayStation 3). Ghost Recon also sold an additional 6,500 copies on the Xbox 360.


On the hardware front, Nintendo 3DS sales took a dip from the week prior, possibly owing to the announcement of the Nintendo 3DS XL, which might have made some people want to wait for the larger model. PlayStation Vita sales, temporarily boosted by the Crystal White Vita model, also dropped.


The top-20 software sales chart for the week is as follows:


LwTwTitleWeekly SalesTotal SalesSys.Publisher
01.01.Pokémon Black/White 2184,6482,167,166DSPokémon Co.
New02.Etrian Odyssey IV95,506New3DSAtlus
New03.The Little Battlers: Explosive Boost54,354New3DSLevel 5
New04.Toriko: Gourmet Survival 238,640NewPSPNamco Bandai
New05.Run for Money Tousouchuu29,630New3DSNamco Bandai
05.06.Dragon Quest Monsters: Terry’s Wonderland 3D27,827794,2073DSSquare Enix
New07.Ghost Recon: Future Soldier23,319NewPS3Ubisoft
New08.Anarchy Reigns21,916NewPS3Sega
02.09.Atelier Ayesha13,78574,333PS3Gust
13.11.Mario Party 911,150472,324WiiNintendo
15.12.Mario Tennis Open8,715218,2633DSNintendo
11.13.Persona 4: Golden7,883189,749PSVAtlus
06.14.Resident Evil: Chronicles HD Collection7,72841,121PS3Capcom
14.15.Tokyo Jungle7,609185,013PS3Sony
New17.Ghost Recon: Future Soldier6,489New360Ubisoft
08.18.Metal Gear Solid HD Collection6,45826,597PSVKonami
19.19.Super Mario 3D Land5,7831,643,5643DSNintendo
16.20.Kenka Bancho Bros.5,71438,809PSPSpike Chunsoft


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