This Week In Sales: Ghosts, Samurai And Doctors



    Judging by sales of Hakuouki: Junsouroku, for better or worse, it appears Idea Factory have a limited loyal audience that are invested in the series, but expansion beyond this existing demographic doesn’t seem to be taking place.


    For the sake of comparison, Hakuouki: Yuugi Roku, a minigame compilation released for PSP in May, moved 15,569 units in its first week. Unlike the PSP game, Junsouroku is a mainline visual novel entry, but still debuted with lower numbers. One reason for this could be that Junsouroku is a tweaked compilation of Hakuouki: Shinsengumi Kitan and associated fan-disc, Hakuouki Zuisouroku, both originally released for the PlayStation 2.


    The top-ten for the week of June 14th – 20th is as follows:


    LwTwTitleTw. SalesSys.Publisher
    02.01.Super Mario Galaxy 252,978WiiNintendo
    New02.Ghost Trick23,977DSCapcom
    New03.Art Academy20,949DSNintendo
    03.05.Grand Theft Auto IV: Episodes from Liberty City20,682PS3Take-Two
    New06.Tamagotchi no Pichi Pichi Omisecchi17,401DSNamco Bandai
    08.07.World Soccer Winning Eleven 2010: Aoki Samurai no Chousen16,055PS3Konami
    09.08.Tomodachi Collection13,953DSNintendo
    10.09.World Soccer Winning Eleven 2010: Aoki Samurai no Chousen13,250PSPKonami
    New10.Hakuouki: Junsouroku13,076PS3Idea Factory


    Meanwhile, Super Mario Galaxy 2 returned to the #1 spot while Xenoblade took a dip. Interestingly, the game at #3, Art Academy, an art training game, is a DSiWare-to-DS retail port. It contains both Art Academy: First Semester and Art Academy: Second Semester and is Nintendo’s first DSiWare-to-retail conversion.


    Slightly lower in the chart, Konami’s soccer games appear to be benefiting from the World Cup effect. And at the other end of the spectrum is Atlus’ Hospital — you may know it better as Trauma Team — which debuted well outside the top-ten at #19.


    Thanks to fevh in the comments for reminding us that Hakuouki: Junsouroku is a compilation, not a new game!

    Ishaan Sahdev
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