This Week In Sales: Just Dance With Ace Combat In A Class Of Heroes


    Period: The week of October 10th – October 16th (2011)

    Top-seller: Ace Combat: Assault Horizon – 149,470

    Nintendo 3DS sales: 55,025 | Total sales: 2,072,670


    Ace Combat: Assault Horizon was last week’s big-seller in Japan. Project Aces’ latest game sold close to 150,000 copies on the PlayStation 3 alone in its first week on the market, and another 20,500 on the Xbox 360. Namco have plans to support the game with a stream of downloadable content, such as additional aircrafts and maps.


    There’s nothing we can really compare Ace Combat’s performance to, since Ace Combat 6 was released exclusively for the Xbox 360 in 2007. That game sold 76,708 copies in its first week when it was released. Then, Ace Combat: Joint Assault, which was released on PSP in 2010, sold 57,785 copies during its own first week on the market.


    Coming in at #2 was Just Dance Wii. Or perhaps “Just Dance: Mission Accomplished” would be a more appropriate title. Nintendo took Ubisoft’s Just Dance, localized it for the Japanese market, complete with AKB48 and Morning Musume songs, and sent it out into the wild. Just Dance Wii sold a very decent 90,000 copies in its first week.


    Forza Motorsport 4 and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record were released in Japan last week, too, as was the last game in Acquire’s Class of Heroes series. Class of Heroes Final: Her Majesty the Freshman sold close to 17,000 copies in week 1. That’s a little over half of what Class of Heroes 3 sold on PSP in its first in October 2010.


    Nintendo 3DS sales saw a slight increase from last week, up about 2,000 units. Next week will see the release of the pink 3DS.


    The top-20 software sales chart for last week is as follows:


    LwTwTitleWeekly SalesTotal SalesSys.Publisher
    New01.Ace Combat: Assault Horizon149,470NewPS3Namco Bandai
    New02.Just Dance Wii90,039NewWiiNintendo
    01.03.Pro Evolution Soccer 201261,787333,823PS3Konami
    02.04.AKB1/48: I Fell in Love With an Idol in Guam34,114270,701PSPNamco Bandai
    New05.Forza Motorsport 424,854New360Microsoft
    New06.Ace Combat: Assault Horizon20,523New360Namco Bandai
    New07.Dead Rising 2: Off the Record16,913NewPS3Capcom
    New08.Class of Heroes Final: Her Majesty the Freshman!16,904NewPSPAcquire
    09.09.Rhythm Heaven13,202505,315WiiNintendo
    07.10.Dragon Quest Anniversary Collection12,987362,797WiiSquare Enix
    10.11.Wii Sports Resort12,897600,810WiiNintendo
    05.12.The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Blue9,793154,154PSPFalcom
    12.13.Kirby: Mass Attack9,540258,361DSNintendo
    06.14.Dark Souls9,476339,615PS3From Software
    04.15.Dynasty Warriors 7: Xtreme Legends8,553109,760PS3Tecmo Koei
    New16.Clock Zero: Shuuen no Ichibyou Portable8,046NewPSPIdea Factory
    13.17.Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s Tag Force 67,82693,299PSPKonami
    11.18.Monster Hunter Portable 3rd (PSP the Best)7,78142,524PSPCapcom
    17.19.Fishing Resort7,43365,307WiiNamco Bandai
    15.20.The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D7,239415,3623DSNintendo


    Sales data acquired from 4Gamer, Media-Create and

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