This Week In Sales: Tales Of Monster Hunters



Let’s cut to the chase. Monster Hunter Portable 3rd for the PSP released on December 1st, putting it two days after the start of this week’s sales chart, which represents sales from November 29th – December 5th, 2010. How did it do?


Media-Create’s figures say Monster Hunter Portable 3rd sold 1,950,717 units in its first five days on the market. That’s more or less selling out its first-week shipment of 2 million units, which shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that follows the series.


Meanwhile, Tales of Graces F also released the same week and debuted at 215,187 units. Another interesting point to note is that Konami’s Magician’s Quest: The Merchant’s Store of Sorcery continues to cling on to the charts for dear life, and is now at over 100k units sold.


The top-20 for the week of November 29th – December 5th is as follows:


Lw Tw Title Weekly Sales Total Sales Sys. Publisher
New 01. Monster Hunter Portable  3rd 1,950,717 New PSP Capcom
New 02. Tales of Graces F 215,187 New PS3 Namco Bandai
03. 03. Mario Sports Mix 59,007 143,991 Wii Nintendo
New 04. Mario Vs. Donkey Kong: Mini-land Mayhem 57,474 New DS Nintendo
01. 05. Gran Turismo 5 55,682 486,389 PS3 Sony
05. 06. Pokémon Black/White 54,848 4,548,954 DS Nintendo
04. 07. Super Mario All-Stars Collector’s Edition 45,904 659,319 Wii Nintendo
New 08. Momotarou Dentetsu World 45,126 New DS Hudson
New 09. Kamen Rider Climax Heroes OOO 36,856 New PSP Namco Bandai
New 10. Kamen Rider Climax Heroes OOO 35,132 New Wii Namco Bandai
10. 11. Wii Party 30,900 1,263,462 Wii Nintendo
New 12. Taiko no Tatsujin Wii Everyone’s Party Sandaime 29,328 New Wii Namco Bandai
07. 13. Super Fossil Fighters 22,511 91,534 DS Nintendo
11. 14. Magician’s Quest: The Merchant’s Store of Sorcery 22,091 109,613 DS Konami
02. 15. Super Robot Wars L 19,556 148,610 DS Namco Bandai
18. 16. Kirby’s Epic Yarn 18,278 231,773 Wii Nintendo
13. 17. Wii Sports Resort (w/ MotionPlus) 18,146 61,655 Wii Nintendo
08. 18. Danganronpa 14,340 39,904 PSP Spike
22. 19. Mario Kart Wii 14,207 3,001,325 Wii Nintendo
New 20. Penguin no Mondai: The World 14,046 New DS Konami


Sales data sourced from 4Gamer and Media-Create.

Ishaan Sahdev
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