Thus Spoke Rohan Kishibe English Manga Releases in Fall 2022

thus spoke kishibe rohan

Viz announced a Fall 2022 release for the English version of the Thus Spoke Rohan Kishibe manga. This is a spin-off from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable that follows the story of Rohan Kishibe rather than a member of the Joestar family. There is no exact release date as of yet.

Thus Spoke Rohan Kishibe follows the titular Rohan and his daily life as a mangaka. Unfortunately, things aren’t very peaceful or quiet for him. Even when he isn’t actively antagonizing people, he finds himself in a myriad of problems and drama. Unlike the enemy Stand users of the main series, Rohan’s enemies are more fantastical. The first volume comes with five chapters. Those who watched the OVA would be familiar with three of them, as they were adapted into anime format.

In July 2021, Viz announced a Spring 2022 release for JoJo 6251: The World of Hirohiko Araki. This is an artbook that originally came out in 1993, so it covers material between Parts 1 to 4. Since Part 4 was in the midst of serialization when this came out, it does not have content for the entirety of that part. As for brand new JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure content, Part 9 was announced in August 2021, but there is still no news as to when we can expect it.

Thus Spoke Rohan Kishibe will come out in English in Fall 2022. The manga also has both a live-action and an anime adaptation. The anime is a Netflix exclusive and is available on the streaming service.

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